Eurometal 99
R Macedonia, EUROPE
tel: ++ 389 44 331 746


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For food industry
 For petrol
 For tools
 For pets and animals
 For tobacco
 Other products



Our products are high quality, maded of high quality iron and protected with special plastic, thanks to our modern production technology. In own capacity, EUROMETAL 99 - Tetovo has also covered and production of equipment for shops and warehouses: lights mediums and heavy stands, shelves and wardrobe with different dimensions.We also produce different kinds of metallic holders, cages and other metal construction.


CD holders
Metal stand
Metal stand
  Metal cage
CD holders

Metal stand
for tools
Metal stand
Metal cage
Our products are made with appropriate dimensions and carrying capacity with possibility for safe transport and simple mounting and using. All products are with garantie quality, and there is a possibility for combination with some other materials witg dimension, form and color as the costumer likes. Guarantee for our successful work is continual productive cooperation with a lot of firms, companies, shops and markets in our cantry and many forein well known and successful companies.
Dani i Tanja